Employing Maid

We begin by interviewing you to understand the specific needs of your family, followed by carefully selecting a suitable maid that best suited to meet those needs. Our maids will also participate in an orientation program to ensure that they are familiar to Singapore and understands your expectations and needs.

Indonesian Maid

The older Singapore residents are familiar with basic Malay, this made Indonesian maids a great fit for them. They are also known to have good skills in taking care of infants, children and the elderly.

Filipino Maid

Filipino maids are a popular for Singaporean families looking for English speaking maids. They are one of the top pick due to the ease of communication.

Myanmar Maid

Myanmar maids are loved by Singapore families due to their obedient and willing to learn characteristics.

Direct Hiring of Maid

We have assisted families who have hired their maids through referrals and friends recommendation. At Human Dynamics, we can help facilitate the process to avoid unnecessary mistakes in documentation and process.

Maid Work Permit Renewal

When renewing your maid's work permit and employment contract, it is important to ensure that the terms of the renewal are clearly updated and amended in the new contract. This is to prevent misunderstandings and protect both parties in the event of a dispute.

We will guide you through the renewal process, and provide advice on current industry standards for home leave, salary increases, and bonuses. With these, you will be clear on what to offer your maid on the renewal terms and conditions.

Maid Passport Renewal

As an employer, you have to ensure that your maid has a valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining. There is no rule regarding employers paying for their maid's passport renewal fees.

However, it is recommended to have a mutual agreement between and your maid before the start of employment as the fees can be quite costly to your maid.

Maid Transport Service

Transportation for departure, time waiting for check-in and other processes can be time consuming. It will be challenging for you if you have commitments or caregiving needs. By using our maid transport service, you can save all these time and spend time carrying out more important task.

Maid Home Leave

In a typical contract, the maid will be entitled to 14 days home leave at the end of their contract to return to their home country to visit their family. We will be able to assist you in handling the necessary paperworks including ferrying your maid to the Embassy if required.

Maid Contract End

By the end of your maid’s contract and when she like to return home, you can save time by using our services and avoid:

  • Long check-in lines
  • Extended travel to the airport
  • Delays during customs clearance

Maid Arrival and Arrangement

Our services includes:
1) Transportation from the airport to an approved lodging facility
2) Booking and transportation for medical check-ups
3) Booking and transportation for settling-in programs
4) Booking and transportation for thumbprint services at the Ministry of Manpower.
5) We also provide food and lodging, as well as assistance with any miscellaneous requests your helper until she is deployed to your home.

Additionally, as an added service, you can request for us to verify that all pre-arrival documents are in order before the arrival of your helper.


Education and training can better equip the maids with the necessary skills and mindset to perform their household duties in Singapore.

Employers' Orientation Programme (EOP)

The Employers’ Orientation Programme is a 3-hour program designed to educate employers on their roles and responsibilities when hiring a maid. First-time employers are required to complete the EOP at least 2 working days before submitting a Work Permit application.

Maid Settling-In Programme (SIP)

The Settling-in Programme (SIP) is a one-day orientation program for first-time maids to familiarise them with safety precautions and living in Singapore. The program covers topics such as:

  • Adjusting to working and living in Singapore
  • Employment conditions
  • Safe working practices
  • Managing relationships and stress

Basic Housework Training

We believe that education and training can better equip domestic helpers with the necessary skills and mindset to perform their household duties in Singapore. This includes training in general housework, cooking, as well as in house rules, expectations, and regulations.